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Posted by ShansGrand - May 18th, 2021

It been awhile

For the past while I have been studing animation in collage and thus, havent been posting much Ng worthy stuff. I may post my Demo Reel for the summer but most of it isn't digital so idk it it'd fly.


A couple of months ago I worked on shot 27 of "Eddsworld Zombeh Attack Reanimated". Due to project delays it released this weekend and whilst I've improved alot between making my shot and the collab release, I enjoyed working on it when I did and many people loved the collab as a whole. IMO it was a success.

It was an honour to celebrated the legacy of Edd Gould and pay tribute to Sansjeff.

The full collab can be found by clicking here

And my shot breakdown can be found by clicking here

As always; Look after yourself, you're worth more than you think.




Posted by ShansGrand - December 22nd, 2020

Hello Everyone...it's been a bit.

Alot has happened in the last da-.....wee-.....months. I got my Laptop replaced with a way better one! I choose another laptop over a PC due to how much moving I have doing over the last few months. I'll now be able to render art and animations way faster. stuff that tooks days will take hours on the new machine, and what took hours bearly takes time at all.

Why have you been moving? There's a virus killing people you know!

Well, that's why. I sucessfuly made it into college this year and I am now studying animation! unfortunately my home is 4 hours from campus and, due to renting in Dublin being hell on earth, I have been spending as minimal time as possible in the city, saving my rent money for when renting becomes worth it again, that means alot of moving has been happening between where I was staying and my home. It doesnt bother me too much rn, I have the resources to study from home and I've made friends despite not being able to actually leave the house, most socialising as of late has been confined to online chat rooms. It's not bad, really great actually! but Im still longing for vacine day, so I can meet people IRL safely again.

Personally projects have slowed down as I've been been investing more time into class work. I have produced animations, design work, and life sketches for class but I think I want to wait till the academic year ends before I post my animations as one long compilation. You can see some of my work now on instagram and twitter right now however, if you're intrested.

Now that I've a holiday, personal projects have resumed. Of course, they've been progressing slowly as I do need to relax between now and when college restarts. However, I am almost done my shot for EZA reanimated! Once it's finished, I'll post it to my social medias and then post it here once the full animation is out. Once the full animation is out, I'll probably post about how I felt about the project a week later, in a similar fashion to what I did with my NEO GEO Jam animation.

For now, here's fanart of the youtube channel Value Select. There videos are really funny and I'd love to work with them one day, be it a re-animation of a pre-existing video or something entirely new. Alas a boy can dream...

Look after yourself, you're worth more than you think.



Posted by ShansGrand - September 6th, 2020

My computer has died, my it rest in digital peace.

Thankfully I have most of my photos from 2013-2018 saved, alot of it is in cloud storage so I'll be able to install it onto a hardrive.

Everything else not tied to an account is gone, every peice of digital art and every unshared animation test.

For EZA reanimated, this will delay my shot but don't worry, I am still confident I can meet my deadline with better quality than my last animation, I have the money to upgrade so don't go organising any Kickstarter in my name.

R.I.P lil guy, you saw me through secondary school (highschool) were I made most of my friends and discovered my love of Animation, I owe alot of success to you despite buying you on clearance. Rest in digital peace.

Look after yourself, you're worth more than you think.



Posted by ShansGrand - September 5th, 2020

I didn't win a spot on the animation category of the Neo Geo Jam, but It was a wonderful time nonetheless!

You can view the winners here HERE!, there's a link to every submission at the bottom of that post.

This was my first Animation Jam and I feel like I learned alot. One of the biggest take away was that I needed to budget my time better, even though im preparing college this year, I do believe it could've been polished more within the time I had. I Also learned alot about how blenders cameras work. I've changed my view on the software from "3D Primarily with a 2D spinoff mode" to "2D Drawings placed in a 3D space, all on the same plane". I believe looking at it like that will help me realise what I can and cant get away with on my potato PC, hopefuly I can upgrade soon.

Writing was a challenge as I wanted to write something funny but I had no Neo Geo puns up my sleeve. In the end I decided to pay homage to the WikiGo "How to survive a bear attack" video as I had a weird nostalgia for it. Thankfully, the "decent" script was saved by the superb voice acting of Ryan Mc Grath. Despite not being professional and only doing it for the craic, we had a fantastic time working together and he put alot of care into his voice work. Unfortunately I guffed up the final audio mix but I've learned to take that more into considration for my next animation.

Ryan can be found @son_of_waluigi on instagram.

The music was provided by My New Soundtrack and Mars Bars . In both cases, they make fantastic remixes of video-game tunes and luckily had two Neo Geo remixes that fitted my animation.They were both very welcoming when I asked for permission to use their tracks. Go check them out if you want to listen to something awesome!

The final animation can be viewed here.

If you want to know what Im working on next, not only do I have a few original sketch ideas jotted down, I'm also working on Furzio's EZA reanimated. Feel free to join in as applications are still open, cant wait to show you all what im cooking.

Look after yourselves, you're worth more than you think.




Posted by ShansGrand - August 28th, 2020

Hello, I know I don't post regularly but I'm now making a conscious effort to post to Newgrounds, I decided to go sparse with Sharing stuff here because I only wanted to post stuff I thought was perfect. So I waited and drew and waited and drew, but never found that perfect post. It took me awhile but I realised, I won't realise what work is my best because I'll always see how it could've been better so I should just post whatever I think is worth sharing, even of it's no masterpiece.

I'm working on an animation for the Neo Geo Jam and

I am incredibly proud of it. I'll post more about it once I submit the actual peice.

Look after yourselves, you're worth more than you think.



Posted by ShansGrand - March 31st, 2018

Hello.I am Sean,it's said Shan so lets stick with that.

I aspire to be an animator so when I finally have suitable equipment I will be upload when I can.I wish to do 2D animation but I may try 3D.Anyway,I hope this is the start of something great