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Hello Everyone...it's been a bit.

Alot has happened in the last da-.....wee-.....months. I got my Laptop replaced with a way better one! I choose another laptop over a PC due to how much moving I have doing over the last few months. I'll now be able to render art and animations way faster. stuff that tooks days will take hours on the new machine, and what took hours bearly takes time at all.

Why have you been moving? There's a virus killing people you know!

Well, that's why. I sucessfuly made it into college this year and I am now studying animation! unfortunately my home is 4 hours from campus and, due to renting in Dublin being hell on earth, I have been spending as minimal time as possible in the city, saving my rent money for when renting becomes worth it again, that means alot of moving has been happening between where I was staying and my home. It doesnt bother me too much rn, I have the resources to study from home and I've made friends despite not being able to actually leave the house, most socialising as of late has been confined to online chat rooms. It's not bad, really great actually! but Im still longing for vacine day, so I can meet people IRL safely again.

Personally projects have slowed down as I've been been investing more time into class work. I have produced animations, design work, and life sketches for class but I think I want to wait till the academic year ends before I post my animations as one long compilation. You can see some of my work now on instagram and twitter right now however, if you're intrested.

Now that I've a holiday, personal projects have resumed. Of course, they've been progressing slowly as I do need to relax between now and when college restarts. However, I am almost done my shot for EZA reanimated! Once it's finished, I'll post it to my social medias and then post it here once the full animation is out. Once the full animation is out, I'll probably post about how I felt about the project a week later, in a similar fashion to what I did with my NEO GEO Jam animation.

For now, here's fanart of the youtube channel Value Select. There videos are really funny and I'd love to work with them one day, be it a re-animation of a pre-existing video or something entirely new. Alas a boy can dream...

Look after yourself, you're worth more than you think.


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